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Leo will be sorely missed...  / Leola Dahl (yacht club friend )  Read >>
Leo will be sorely missed...  / Leola Dahl (yacht club friend )

What a wonderful person!  He'll surely be missed.  My deepest sympathy for your loss. 

to a great teacher  / Debby Kephart (friend)  Read >>
to a great teacher  / Debby Kephart (friend)
Leo shared his love of sailing with me and my family. He was terrific with the kids, teaching them, and sharing his love of sailing. My sons Curtis and Justin spent many summers at Beach Camp and the Sailing Center. When Leo was around boats there was always a smile on his face and sparkle in his eye. I will miss his spirit. Close
condolences and contact  / John &. Gerry Emrick (Friend & Neighbor )  Read >>
condolences and contact  / John &. Gerry Emrick (Friend & Neighbor )
To the Robbins Family,

We were deeply saddened when we heard of Leo's passing.
We moved from Ventura in November and had lost contact with Leo and Eula. We sent them Christmas greetings but did not hear back. We would very much like to get in touch with Eula and would appreciate it if you could send us a phone number where she could be reached. Our number is(209) 599-7143.
Again we send our sympathy and prayers to the whole family.

John & Gerry Emrick
jandg@charter.net Close
Friend / Mary Sue [Law] Ruth (x neighbor )  Read >>
Friend / Mary Sue [Law] Ruth (x neighbor )
Dear Eula and Family. So sorry to hear of Leo's passing. I have thought of you many times and wondered how you were. Leo was a fine man and, yes, just like all the others, he taught my son to sail.
Your one time neighbor.               Mary Sue {Law} Ruth Close
Leo Robbins  / Joseph Kennedy (Employee/friend)  Read >>
Leo Robbins  / Joseph Kennedy (Employee/friend)
My condolences to Leo's family.

I remember Mr. Robbins from when I worked under his supervision at Southern Counties Gas Company. The time I remember most was just after I had completed meter man school and Leo was supervising my work with a field training day. I was assigned to do meter changes on East Poli street in Ventura. It was a terrible day for doing PMC’s, raining like you wouldn’t believe. Both of us were shivering like mad, but he stayed out in the rain all day beside me. I was really impressed with that as he could have sat in the warm truck if he wanted, but he didn’t.

The Ventura Gas Co Retirees group will miss him at our quarterly meetings, all the new retirees were amazed that a guy had retired from the Gas Company in 1970 or 1971 would still come to see his old friends thirty five years after his retirement.

Joe Kennedy Close
It was an honor to be of service  / Bob McMahon (Repaired boat for Bill )  Read >>
It was an honor to be of service  / Bob McMahon (Repaired boat for Bill )
I was sorry to hear about Leo's passing, and would like to send my condolences to Bill and his family.
Bob McMahon
Dockside Service Close
Things we remember  / Betty &. Ed Nailor (VYC sailing friends )  Read >>
Things we remember  / Betty &. Ed Nailor (VYC sailing friends )
Leo taught Ed and our son Steve to sail. Steve went on to become a blue-water sailor, making five trips between Hawaii and Ventura on Transpac boats. His first voyage was at age fifteen with Bill McDonald and wife. Steve and friends enjoyed many diving and sailing trips to the Cannel Islands on our boat. We credit his abilities and responsibility to Leo's early influence on his marine training. For thirty years we have been VYC members because of Leo's dedication to helping wanna-be sailors. We often welcomed Leo and Eula to our table at VYC Sunday snacks and listened and learned from his experiences.. We will greatly miss his friendly smile and positive attitude even though his failing health. We offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Eula and their family. Close
Good Memories  / Bill Robbins (Brother)  Read >>
Good Memories  / Bill Robbins (Brother)
My brother's passing is a great loss for me and I am sure it's the same for many people in the Ventura area.  Leo was 4 years old when I was born, and it was a real asset to me to have an older  brother to help me grow up.  At first we had several fishing trips with our dad, mostly to the Klamath River area.  

Dad got us started in sailing when he got us a 15-foot sailboat that we kept on a mooring in Newport Bay.  Later we built 12-foot kayaks that we used to ride the waves in Newport.  Our most important effort was the construction of a 20-foot Block Island sailboat named the Island Belle.  We  built her in the barn at our ranch in Orange, Ca.  While I did most of the work in building her, Leo supplied the money.  He was a student of music at USC and made money doing  jobs in Hollywood.  

In August of 1940 we launched the Island Belle and kept her in a slip at San Pedro.  This location made it easy for us to sail to Catalina on weekends.  During the war we had to take her back to the ranch and put her in the barn where she was built.  She was stored there for three years.  After the war Leo moved to Ventura and he took the Island Belle with him where he got thoroughly involved in yachting.

His memory and love of sailing will live on in the Leo Robbins Sailing Center.  He was a great brother and I will miss him in my life.

A good story...  / Trevor Neeb (Grandson)  Read >>
A good story...  / Trevor Neeb (Grandson)
This past weekend, I talked with many friends and relatives about my Grandfather, and I've been telling them all the same story.  A few months ago, Grandpa moved into the Lexington apartments in Ventura to be close to Grandma.  After a long morning of moving his belongings, he and I were alone in the apartment.  He gradually told me where he would like things placed - a trashcan, a phone, the laundry basket.  Then, as if it had been an injustice that the subject hadn't been addressed already, he asked quite loudly, "Now, when do I get to see my wife?!?"
Taken by his enthusiasm, I replied, "Right Now!"  Moments later we took the journey over to see Grandma.  Upon entering the room, he threw both hands up off his cane and with a loud yell, greeted her with "Hello Honey!"  I loved it.  When I told my wife how much enthusiasm he had for my Grandmother after 60 years of marriage, her eyes welled up.  

I only knew Grandpa for a fraction of his life, but, he was still able to impress upon me the care and love he felt for me and his family. Grandpa was constantly inquisitive. From the age of a small child, up until last month, everytime I saw him, Grandpa would ask about my life. He was a great listener, focusing on the most minute detail, showing great care and concern for my progress through life.
I am so happy that he was a factor in my life.  I am grateful that he came to my wedding (even though he heckled me during my vows). He was a great man, and I miss him dearly.
Things that Mattered  / Gabriel Neeb (Eldest Grandson )  Read >>
Things that Mattered  / Gabriel Neeb (Eldest Grandson )
I blame my parents.  Let me explain. 
It's their fault they let me watch unlimited hours of movies and television shows with mad and fantastical themes and events.  It doesn't help matters when your growing experience of the world at hand leaves you disappointed by the sheer mundane quality of everything around you.  No magic carpets or flying horses or... well, lots of boring stuff.
So imagine my relief when every few months, a few old and quirky people would travel from a land known as "Venchura" in the coolest car imaginable (a camper! a car you can live in!) to visit and bring yummy treats like cheesecake.
Well, Grandma brought the cheesecake. Grandpa took care to illuminate and feed a fevered and wistful imagination of the child daily disappointed by boring stuff like math and latitude and longitude (two things in school I never cared to really learn).  What did he do? He told stories. Stories of things that matter. Well they mattered to a young mind (and just a little less to an older mind).
He told me what a zodiac was and what it meant. He told me about the 10th planet making a slow, millenniuma long rotation through a solar system or two... and unless I miss my guess, he told me about the December 2012 date long before a score of crackpots adopted it as "the new end of everything date" (doubtless disappointed by the fact that their other dates failed and they'd mortgaged their Montana ranches for nothing).
Stuff that mattered. Stuff that made boring things a little more avoidable on the mental landscape.
William Goldman once said that in order to remember people and places long gone, he'd assign a gesture or event or whatnot to them and use that as a touchstone to open other memories.  For instance, he used a night sitting around a campfire in Africa to remember Jimmy Stewart.
So for Grandpa, I'll think back about 20 odd years to pumpkin pie in the evening, talking about things that mattered.

A Renaissance Man  / Janet Neeb (daughter)  Read >>
A Renaissance Man  / Janet Neeb (daughter)
Pop was a Renaissance man full of many talents.  Most of his friends know him as a terrific sailing instructor.  I know him as an amazing father who respected and loved his daughters, and gave us a whole variety of life experiences.  From my dad, I learned the beauty of the wilderness when he and mom took us on camping trips.  I learned the mystery and excitement of exploring when we went to Santa Cruz Island for vacations.  Pop taught me how to care for our cars to make them last and run smoothly. Because of Pop, I learned how to play the piano, the violin, and viola.  He was a builder of boats, and I never ceased to be amazed how how he could fix anything in the house.  He encouraged me  to ask questions and consider options, and seek  knowledge to make better decisions.  Pop was the consumate teacher, privately and professionally.  How wonderful that our spunky father with the twinkle in his eye touched so many lives with his enthusiasm not only for sailing, but for life.  He lives on in all of us.  Thanks, Pop.  Loving you always. Close
To All Who Loved Leo  / Gail Chaid (oldest daughter )  Read >>
To All Who Loved Leo  / Gail Chaid (oldest daughter )
Dear Family and Friends:
The loss of my beloved father, Leo Robbins, is tremendous for all of us. In recognition that all who loved him are grieving deeply at this moment, we have set up this website in the hope that you will share your memories and stories of Leo with us all. Writing is such a great way to begin healing from the loss and sharing your particular stories about Leo will be wonderful for all of us. As you process your grief, please know our hearts go out to you for comfort and the peace in knowing Leo's spirit is alive in us all as we remember our relationship with him and all the wonderful moments we had with him. We will continue to update this website as we have more to say and more to remember about Leo. Please do share with us as much as you'd like as often as you'd like about Leo. This website is ongoing and will remain up forever. My dad would be pleased to know he has his own website and that you are contributing to it.
Love and comfort to all of you as we grieve about our loss of a most wonderful man. He was so special and he will always remain in my heart. I loved him dearly and I miss him terribly but I know his spirit will live on in those who loved him.
The memorial service will be on Saturday, March 24, 2007 and Leo's ashes will be relesed to the sea as were his wishes. More information about March 24th will appear on this website so stay in touch and access the site often.
Be well. Leo's spirit lives on in you.
Gail Close